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This is the BEST masterpost I've found about the youtube sex/abuse/manipulation stuff. If you want to go down this rabbit hole... here it is


Here’s the post Olga made about Tom Milsom. And another. Third.
Hank and John Green talking about Tom.
Melissa Anelli’s post about Tom.
TomSka talking about this whole situation.
Tom writing on twitter.
Alan about Tom and donating to RAINN.
Honor defending Tom. And…


friendly reminder that when someone is manipulative and abusive they can easily hide it from the fans viewing their content but also the people around them in real life.

I’ve seen a fair few posts saying their suspicious of Charlie McDonnell because of the recent news about Alex Day, now I do…

Also Charlie might have known that Alex was creepy but didn’t think that Alex was, like, abusing anyone. It really seems like they’ve drifted apart and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why. They both seem to have been going in very different directions in their lives.


Note: This is not a confession of anything. I have never met or really directly spoken to anyone involved. I am just a long time fan of many of these YouTubers.

Finding out YouTubers I love, boys I’ve looked up to and admired since I was fourteen years old, are actually manipulative assholes…

Wait, can you explain to me where exactly Alex Carpenter comes into all of this? Confused 

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